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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

Spiritual Development

At every point throughout our 24 hour curriculum, we encourage our boys to reflect on their learning. Considering not only what they learn academically, but also the lessons learnt as they develop an understanding of the wider world and their place within it. This includes building self-esteem, confidence and resilience, whilst providing opportunities to reflect on their emotions and behaviour using pupil response systems. Our comprehensive PSHE and jigsaw schemes of work, explore faiths and belief systems, and promote awe and wonder regarding the world in which we live. We encourage students to hold their own beliefs in high regard, whilst understanding the importance of inclusivity and respecting the beliefs and viewpoints of others. Throughout the wider curriculum, skilled staff work diligently to provide opportunities for our diverse cohort to learn effectively and express themselves creatively in a range of subjects.

Social Development

At Eaton Hall Specialist Academy the personal development of each of our boys is at the heart of our curriculum offer, both in school and throughout our residential setting. Close, bonded and dependable relationships between staff and pupils are developed over time, built on mutual respect, where social skills can be modelled and grow.  With guidance, our students develop positive relationships and close friendships with others across the school and learn the value of shared experiences. We also have a ‘school buddies’ system, where a group of trusted individuals offer help and support to their peers.
We educate our boys to appreciate diverse viewpoints and accept ideas that differ from their own through our PSHE, RSE and jigsaw schemes of work, teaching acceptance in diversity. Our Curriculum Enrichment programme helps our boys learn how to make positive contributions to wider society, whilst we celebrate life in Great Britain, marking major events through special celebration days.

SMSC Development

Our boys learn to be:
towards everyone

Ethical ~ Honest ~ Supportive ~ Accepting

Moral Development

We know that many of our students come to us with vastly differing challenges, start points and early life experiences. Therefore, a key aspect of our wider learning at Eaton Hall Specialist Academy is helping to develop each boy’s sense of right and wrong. Our staff lead by example, challenging poor behaviour and modelling appropriate interactions at all times. Behaviour management systems are robust, with built in systems to ensure students are able to reflect, learn and grow from negative experiences. Our boys engage with regular visits from local community police officers and other professionals, who educate about the rule of law, how to avoid criminality and make positive life choices. Teaching about the Fundamental British Values runs throughout our curriculum, whilst these and the protected characteristics are explored through whole school meetings and class based discussion on a regular basis. 

Cultural Development

Our curriculum offer is carefully planned, providing regular opportunities to develop each boys’ cultural appreciation across a wide range of subjects. This includes the study of cultural influences which have shaped our own heritage through our humanities and jigsaw schemes, and the exploration of a rich and varied selection of both fiction and non-fiction books to support learning.

As part of both our Curriculum Enrichment (CE) and residential offers, educational trips provide our boys with cultural opportunities that they may not have experienced previously, such as visits to museums, galleries and places of worship to enhance their in class based learning. Our students are also presented with opportunities to engage and compete with students from other schools in a variety of sporting events. These community experiences and interactions help our students develop their understanding of wider society and their place within it.

A wide range of different cultures are represented across our staff cohort, and this ensures that students understand, accept and appreciate this diversity as part of their daily lives. We also have an active school council, who form an important part of decision making processes across the school, including student panel interviews for staff appointments and conducting democratic votes that help to inform school improvement plans.

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