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British Values


Our boys make decisions together:

Our boys have an opportunity to influence the way the school is run through our school council and by talking to staff about their ideas / needs.

Our boys take ownership over the rewards and motivators available, such as Golden Time choices, personalised ‘earnies’ aims and class treats!

Our boys can influence their lessons appropriately by putting their hands up and responding.
We encourage our boys to
take ownership of their school, their own learning and their progress.

The boys vote for classroom responsibilities

The boys, their parents/carers and staff have many other opportunities for their voices to be heard.

Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

We understand and value ALL Cultures & Religions

Our curriculum helps the boys to be “Society Ready” so that they can live and work alongside people from all backgrounds and cultures.
The boys
investigate and learn about different traditions, customs and religious beliefs as part of their ‘drop down’ RE days, in their PSHE sessions and on our weekly Curriculum Enrichment days.
The boys develop an awareness and
appreciation of other cultures throughout our curriculum, including our use of a broad range of texts in  English, or by exploring music and artistic mediums from around the world.
The protected characteristics are explored and promoted through weekly department meetings.
The boys understand that it is expected that
respect is shown to everyone and to everything.


British Values

Individual Liberty

We believe in freedom for all

Our boys make choices and understand the rewards and consequences for their own actions. The boys make choices regarding conflict resolution through our restorative behaviour management processes.
Our boys take
ownership of their learning and responsibility for making the best use of this knowledge. Individualised learning outcomes in place for all (ISPs)
Our boys have the
freedom to make choices that affect both themselves and others.
Our boys recognise that they are accountable for their actions.
Our boys are encouraged to understand and exercise their
rights and personal freedoms safely, such as in our Jigsaw lessons or as part of structured debate.
We teach our boys how to
understand and regulate their own emotions, whilst offering support when required.

Our boys learn to be:
towards everyone

Ethical ~ Honest ~ Supportive ~ Accepting

Mutual Respect

We treat others as you want to be treated:

Our boys are supported to work together cooperatively and support each other’s learning, being polite and showing understanding.
Our boys
respect each other’s viewpoints and model good manners and behaviours. Our boys understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion and to a voice within our community
Our boys also understand that these
viewpoints will be challenged by staff and peers as necessary to ensure these british values are met. We teach our boys to deal with conflict calmly and peacefully, using restorative behaviour approaches. We promote mutual respect across the age phases and have a buddy system for pupils.

Rule of Law

We understand why rules are important

Our boys understand that their are fundamental behaviours and expectations that must be met.
Our ‘
Eaton Hall Fun
damentals’ are developed and embedded throughout our lower primary phase as a key building block for successful school life.
Our boys understand that
school rules are used to mirror society’s laws and must be respected.
The boys
create / follow their own rul
es where appropriate such as during playtime / P.E. games.
The importance of
rules and laws are referred to and reinforced in class and during school meetings.
Our boys understand the
importance of the learning environment, punctuality and our dress code.
The boys are provided with, and play a part in creating a
safe and secure learning environment.

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