Welcome to our SEN information report which is part of the Norfolk Local Offer for learners with Special Educational Needs (SEN.) All governing bodies of maintained schools and maintained nursery schools and the proprietors of academy schools have a legal duty to publish information on their website about the implementation of the governing body’s or the proprietor’s policy for pupils with SEN.  The information published must be updated annually. The required information is set out in the draft SEN regulations which can be found here.


At Eaton Hall Specialist Academy we are committed to working together with all members of our school community.  This local offer has been produced with information and support from all school stakeholders (pupils, parents/carers, governors, and members of staff).  We would welcome your feedback and future involvement in the review of our offer, so please do contact us. The best people to contact this year are:

Pat Clarke (SEN Governor)

Phil Murphy (Parent Governor)

John Roche-Kelly (Chair Of Governors)

Keith Bates (Headteacher)



Our Approach to Teaching Learners with SEN


As a Specialist Academy for pupils with SEMH, all of our pupils have Special Educational Needs.  We want all adults and children to participate in learning and we celebrate all members of our community.  We want to create an inclusive culture both within our school and beyond into our local community.

We value high-quality teaching for all learners and actively monitor teaching and learning in the school.


Our school improvement plan is about developing learning for all and continued professional development (CPD) alongside staff supervision is planned for all staff.

We aim to create a learning environment which meets the individual needs of the students and allows pupils to progress at their own rate. We give opportunities through setting in KS3 for all our gifted and talented students. We provide a specialist alternative curriculum for pupils in our local mainstream schools who have difficulty in maintaining their place due to the stresses and strains of standard mainstream education. This provision is called “The Junction” and is also available to pupils who seek a different dimension to enhance their KS4 curriculum. In all cases the Junction is a co-educational provision and allows the students studying here the opportunity to engage a more “college like”, education thus giving a flavour to these students of the opportunities available post 16. Our pupils in KS4 access this provision as an extra to their GCSE curriculum for one day per week. This alternative provision is certificated through ASDAN and has proved invaluable for many KS4 students in the Norwich area.


Eaton Hall Specialist Academy’s Aims


To improve life chances for all our pupils.


We look to achieve this by addressing pupils’ social and emotional wellbeing. All elements of teaching and learning at Eaton Hall have these needs at their heart.


We aim to restore equilibrium to the child and family, return the child to the home setting and, where appropriate, to mainstream education.


How we identify SEN


“A child or young person has SEN if they have a learning difficulty or disability which calls for special educational provision to be made for them.  A child of compulsory school age or a young person has a learning difficulty or disability if they:


  • have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of others of the same age: or

  • have a disability which prevents or hinders them from making use of educational facilities of a kind generally provided for others of the same age in mainstream schools or mainstream post-16 institutions.”


As a SEMH Academy, all of our pupils have SEN.  Eaton Hall admits pupils from the County across the SEMH continuum, from the more introverted emotionally fragile, to the conduct disorder, acting out extremely aggressive child. Their needs primarily centre around the nature of their behavioural difficulty although many of our students have additional difficulties that make their diagnosis quite complex.  All pupils follow a mainstream curriculum with the addition of elements that address their social and emotional needs. Pupils have the opportunity to sample periods of time in an appropriate mainstream environment and all students are encouraged wherever possible to return to mainstream school. If reintegration is not the pathway that both parents and the pupil feel are appropriate, then GCSE examinations are completed in KS4. At the end of this, all students are encouraged to move on to further education or where appropriate the world of work.


We have access to services universally provided by Norfolk Local Authority, which are described on the Local Offer website available here.


We have high staffing levels across the school.  This usually equates to class sizes of between 6 & 7 in KS3 & KS4 and between 8 & 10 in KS2. All pupils are supported by a Senior Childcare Officer who coordinates the work of the Teacher Tutor and a Childcare Officer. The Childcare Officer is the main point of contact for parents and other professionals. We have access to support from the Local Authority Multi Agency Teams.


What we do to Support Learners with SEN at Eaton Hall Specialist Academy


Eaton Hall Specialist Academy is a residential SEMH Academy for boys between the ages of 5-16. Eaton Hall has a teaching team who specialise in either Primary or Secondary and their particular area of the curriculum, as is reflected in a mainstream environment. The boarding configuration is as follows: Pupils in Years 1, 2 and 3 are day pupils and from Year 4 through to the end of Year 8 there is the added advantage of a residential environment. This allows pupils to be supported across the 24 hours of the day and enables staff to work more closely with those pupils who need greater input than would be available in the school day. Parents comment that they see the biggest improvement in their son’s behaviour when they are residential. Between Year 9 and Year 11 it is important that pupils have gained their nights home so that they are day pupils and reflect the majority of society. This will enable them to gain levels of independence and self-reliance that they will need to support themselves when they leave the Academy. The Teacher Standards 2012 detail the expectations on all teachers, and we at Eaton Hall Specialist Academy are proud of our Teachers and their development. Ofsted rating for Teaching, Learning and Assessment is Outstanding as is our grade in every other category. The Teacher standards are available here.

Our Teachers will use various strategies to adapt access to the curriculum, this might include using:


  • Visual timetables

  • Chrome books, Notebooks, laptops or other communication tools

  • Positive management of behaviour

  • A rewards system

Additional support strategies and approaches are used for a number of students where this is thought to be of benefit:


  • THRIVE-  Learning Outside the Classroom

  • Residential Camps

  • Participation in external sporting activities and challenges

  • Individualised curriculum

The impact of these interventions are regularly evaluated in order to see whether they are beneficial.




Eaton Hall Specialist Academy receives funding directly from the EFA and from the Local Authority to support learners.

The Academy receives no additional monies through the local cluster of schools, but is the Lead School in the Norwich Teaching School Alliances and therefore benefits from this work with the National College.


The Academy works very closely with the Norfolk Special Schools and has benefitted from a great deal of shared practice. Through this association, the Academy supports many other schools in Norfolk through the Special School, School2School support system.

This year the Academy has accepted a Service Level Agreement with the Local Authority to support and manage the Primary Specialist Resource bases in the County. To enable this, the Academy has an outreach team which is led by the Head of School and Lead Primary Teacher.


How do we Find Out if this Support is Effective?


Monitoring progress is an integral part of teaching and leadership within Eaton Hall Specialist Academy.  Parents/carers, pupils and staff are involved in reviewing the impact of what we do.

All students have their progress monitored and targets are set through academic mentoring each term. Individual Education Plan (IEP) and Individual Social Plans – each have targets that are brought together in one document that is called the IEP. Attendance is monitored throughout the year and at the end of each half-term letters are sent home to parents where some pupils have fallen below the Academy’s attendance target for one reason or another. It is important that parents and pupils are abreast of their attendance levels whether absence has been caused by illness or any other reason. Childcare Officers telephone home at least once per week to ensure that parents have an update on their son's academic and social progress throughout the year.  This information is shared with all parents at the Annual Review, however, new pupils have a review after 3 months and then six months, followed by reviews annually. Parents evenings are arranged to discuss pupil progress and there are other opportunities when parents are invited into the Academy during the year ie. “bring your parent to school morning” arranged for each year group individually and Open Day when lessons are accessible for parents and guests alike.

Progress data of all learners is collated by the whole Academy and monitored by Teachers, Senior Leaders and Governors.


Other Opportunities for Learning


All learners have the same opportunity to access extra-curricular activities.  At Eaton Hall Specialist Academy boys will also have the opportunity to stay for extended evenings and join in with the activities available for the residential pupils.

We offer a range of additional sporting and leisure activities throughout the year.

Equally, there is a range of lunchtime activity clubs which are supervised by staff and open to all pupils. If parents wish for their sons to access extended evening, please contact their Childcare Officer.


Preparing for the next step


The transition is a part of life for all learners.  This can be a transition to a new class in school, having a new teacher, or moving on to another school, training provider or moving into employment.  Eaton Hall Specialist Academy is committed to working in partnership with children, families and other providers to ensure positive transitions occur.



The Academy will involve the Local Authority and the recipient provision and can happen at any time throughout the year. This will be the case for transitions to a more suitable placement, mainstream schools or further education. Throughout this process, you and your son will be supported by staff from the Academy as appropriate.  Planning for transition is a part of our provision for all learners.


Have your say


Eaton Hall Specialist Academy is the founder school in the Rightforsuccess Trust. We can shape and develop provision for all of our learners ensuring achievement for all. This SEN report declares our annual offer to learners with SEN, but to be effective it needs the views of all parents/carers, learners, governors, and staff. So please engage with our annual process to ensure that we are as responsive, creative and representative as we can possibly be for all of our children and young people.

Reviewed: Sept 2019

Next Review: Sept 2020

SEN Information Report for Eaton Hall Specialist Academy

Part of Norfolk Local Offer for Learners with SEN

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