Eaton Hall Specialist Academy

Eaton Hall Specialist Academy

Pettus Road, Eaton,

Norwich, NR4 7BU

Tel: 01603 457480

Fax: 01603 456211

Extended Senior Leadership Team:

Mr Keith Bates - Headteacher

Mr Simon Broom - Deputy Head

Mrs Katie Kirk - Head of Care

Mr Paul Bradford - Assistant Head

Mrs Claire Keen - Assistant Head

Miss Hayley Ross  - Assistant Head (Maternity)

Mrs Rachel Boucher - Deputy Head of Care

Mr Tom Holloway - Deputy Head of Care

Please note, these messages are monitored and filtered. Messages are sent through to the Academy office and are not sent directly to the headteacher. If you would like to speak to the headteacher please telephone to make an appointment.

Senior Teachers:

Mr David Wells

Mrs Anna King-Ferreira

Senior Child Care Officers:

Mr Elliot Bloomfield

Mrs Charley-Ann Cullum

Mr Alan Middleton

Miss Liz Denham

Mr Andrew Dorsett

If you have a particular enquiry about your child at school please contact the following staff in the first instance; either their Child Care Officer or if it is in respect of matters to do with the school contact their Teacher Tutor. If you have a professional interest in the work we do and would like to visit us please contact, David Wells.

If you require any information from this website in a different form or language please contact the Academy


Pettus Road, Eaton,

Norwich, NR4 7BU

Contact Us

Tel: 01603 457480

Fax: 01603 456211

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