Eaton Hall Academys British Values
Eaton Hall Academys British Values

Eaton Hall Academys British Values
Eaton Hall Academys British Values


Following the game within the rules, the spirit of the game and working collaboratively within part of a group.

Linking of lessons to sporting events that are taking place at the time, such as, Olympics.

Teamwork, self-expression, sports' identity and sports from different cultures.

The study of the war; causes of the war and the war effort as a whole. Coupled with the study of propaganda and its' effects.

Constant discussions about the right to make choices, in and out of class, and the consequences that will follow.

Culture Citizenship Award looking at different types of government, local heroes and how Parliament operates.

Big Schools Birdwatch covering the importance of the community and environment.

Discussions on how 9/11 changes British roles within the world.

Teaching of social skills around behaviour self-regulation to ensure collective responsibility for the working environment.

Exploring how products contribute to lifestyle and consumer choices, from Iconic British designers to Art & Design movements.

World Culture Citizenship Award looking at local, regional and international governance. Local culture and elements of different cultures.

Tolerance of other people's religions and beliefs, understanding of other cultures, Charity work, being proud of our area, discussions about the local area. 

British Values