Primary Maths

Mathematics is a subject that is intertwined with everything in life and so here at Eaton Hall, we endeavour to provide the best maths education the students can get.


Our aim for students is that they should:

  • Become fluent in four operations which underpin all the other areas of maths as well as times tables.

  • Use their mathematical knowledge in all aspects of life.

  • Become confident problem solvers and not afraid to 'have a go'.


To achieve these aims we:

  • Deliver exciting mathematics curriculum in all year groups that teach the skills needed to succeed.

  • Give them the opportunities to put them into practice.

  • Give regular feedback including ways to improve.

  • Reward both effort and achievement.

Primary Literacy

Literacy is a core subject within primary and is therefore incorporated into all subjects. A big focus for the students at Eaton Hall is writing and so we endeavour to improve all the skills needed to become confident and engaged writers.


Our aim for the students is that they should:

  • Engage in all literacy skill lessons.

  • Work on specific literacy targets.

  • Undertake extended writing tasks.

  • Apply literacy skills across all areas of the curriculum.


To achieve these aims we:

  • Deliver lessons that are relevant to the student's interests.

  • Set specific literacy targets that are regularly shared with the students and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

  • Use writing frames, 1-1 support from staff and incorporate practice time in all subject areas.

  • Teach keyword spellings for all non-core subjects and literacy is marked in all books with feedback given.

Primary Curriculum

Within the primary department at Eaton Hall Specialist Academy, we offer education for Key Stage One and Two (years 1-6). The latest National Curriculum is mainly taught through topic-based learning. This means that we teach the majority of the curriculum through a range of topics such as WW1, The Industrial Revolution, Ancient Egypt, Brazil, Rivers, studying specific authors and many more. That which doesn’t get covered in our topic work gets taught explicitly through other lessons. We also enhance the curriculum through ‘learning outside of the classroom’. This can involve visits to museums, theatres, exhibitions, weekly forest school sessions as well as many varied visitors that come into school to provide workshops such as Artefact Theatre and Zoolab.

Primary Assessment

Pupils at Eaton Hall Specialist Academy are assessed on a regular and ongoing basis.When children first enter the school they are assessed on their reading, writing and maths abilities. These assessments form a baseline from which teachers are able to plan lessons so that progress can be made throughout the curriculum. Subsequently, children are formally assessed each half term to provide us with up to date information on each individual child. The children are also given individualised personal English and Maths targets which are based on ongoing teacher assessments.

In addition to this, the majority of pupils in year 2 and year 6 take part in nationally accredited SATs exams which measure their attainment against their peers nationally.

Forest School

Misty Sunbeams

Forest School is an opportunity to get outside in nature, explore one’s own creativity and work together. At Eaton Hall Academy all boys up until Year 9 have a double period of Forest School a week in our very own protected, ancient woodland. Led by Level 3 qualified staff, boys can decide to take part in an introduced activity; continue with existing projects; come up with new projects or just play.


During these sessions boys learn to collaborate, be creative, assess risk and resolve conflict.


As well as being good for physical health and learning about the natural environment, Forest School sessions have been shown to develop self-confidence, motivation, concentration and social and emotional skills.

Primary Curriculum