Baseline Tests

All students start Eaton Hall Specialist Academy with varying amounts of education behind them. To make sure that we know exactly where those students are academically, we ask every new arrival to complete a series of baseline tests and teacher assessments.


In all other subjects, there is a process of ongoing assessment to ensure that we are setting work that is demanding and challenging but also accessible.

Regular Testing

Within Key Stage 2, tests in reading and phonics take place every term. 


 All students within Key Stage 3 and 4 are tested yearly to get a whole academic year picture of progress that has been achieved. These generally take place in the final half term of the year within maths and English.

Reading Scheme

Key Stage 2 students within Eaton Hall Specialist Academy use the Oxford Reading Tree and The Songbirds Reading Schemes . This allows for all students to improve their reading skills in an individualised way and ensure they are improving their reading age.


In Key Stage 3, there is no formal reading scheme but all students are given set time within English lessons to complete personal reading and choose books that challenge and interest them.

Assessment and Target Setting

All students are assessed as an on-going process throughout all their lessons. This allows for students’ progress to be continually updated and allows for teachers to see where there are areas that need improvement or extra work. This is all done using Pupil Asset, an online programme that uses the national curriculum to set objectives for all year groups.


Through our use of Pupil Asset, we have been able to set targets for all our students in Key Stage 2 and 3 that are in-line with the 6 steps of progress that students within a mainstream provision would be expected to make.  These targets show our high level of expectation for the students at Eaton Hall.


Key Stage 4 students are given a predicted grade for the end of Year 10 and Year 11 as set by either Key Stage 2 SATs results (where available) or teacher assessment from Key Stage 3.

Checking Data and Reporting

Data is checked regularly by the Data and Assessment lead teacher. All teachers are also updated on the progress and attainment of the students every half term. All teachers can access progress reports and attainment levels for all students at any point using Pupil Asset. Where necessary, data sets for individual students and groups of students (such as LAC or pupil premium) is available and analysed separately.


Parents and carers are updated on the progress and attainment of the students through the end of year reports and through EHCP reviews that take place throughout the year. Parents can also discuss progress and attainment at parents’ evenings that run throughout the year.


The governors are presented with a full progress and attainment report every term and the Right for Success Trust is presented with progress and attainment reports every half term.

Academic Progress